Move Your Body Better believes anyone, at any age, with any ailment, can feel strong, balanced and healthy. This is done by learning how your body moves naturally, in good alignment, and diligently practicing these new ways of moving. If you have a weak core, back pain or joint pain, I will teach you how to realign and move more naturally. This will truly change your body and your life, whether you’re 18 or 99. I want you to feel good in the body you have now, not the body you idealize. And because I’ve been there—overweight, joint issues, weak core, bad feet—I can completely identify with what it takes to feel strong, healthy and balanced at any stage of your life. I also believe that health and wellness training should be affordable and accessible for you, so I keep my prices low and volunteer my time for people & organizations that need it but cannot pay for it.






Dani Hemmat,  a Nutritious Movement™-Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist,  NASM-CPT, NASM-FSN with prenatal/postpartum fitness certifications and diastasis rehabilitation training, is also a MELT Method® Hand & Foot Instructor, a Healthy Foot Practitioner, and a Lifetime Senior Fitness Provider who loves teaching and helping people in and around Boulder, Colorado and all over the world.



She is also the co-host & producer of the award-winning “Katy Says with Katy Bowman” podcast.

This is EXACTLY what Katy B. and I look like when we're podcasting. Exactly.

This is EXACTLY what Katy B. and I look like when we’re podcasting. Exactly.