Businesswoman Having Backache At Work

Some corporate wellness programs offer gym memberships, others offer health check-ups, the occasional lunchtime yoga class or cancer prevention programs. But do any corporate wellness programs deal directly with the effect of sitting 8-16 hours a day, driving long distances to get to the job, or excessive computer use?

Move Your Body Better does!

Aside from the free introductory DeskFit workshop, MYBB offers several different flexible options for you to help your staff and employees feel better both at work and in their free time. From weekly exercise classes & monthly workshops at your facility to one-time visits, there are many ways you can provide for your greatest asset—the people who power your business. Not only do healthier employees make for less time lost and fewer disability claims, but letting your people know you care about their well-being increases loyalty and productivity.

We all know that “sitting is the new smoking”, but do you know why? Or how to reverse the problems? MYBB can come and educate your workforce on the hows and whys of working smarter, as well as help provide low-cost solutions to changing the work habits that experts assert contribute to our rate of death more than how often we work out at the gym.

Contact MYBB today and let the wellness begin!