Feel Crummy?  Are Your Everyday Aches and Pains Taking Over?

Stiff neck, aching back, sore shoulders…it’s not just stress or a lousy mattress, it’s our daily postures and habits that create so many of our physical problems.  Tablets, smartphones, computers, cars, our shoes—our modern habits wreak havoc on our physical well-being, reducing range of motion, leaving us stiff, sore and prone to bigger, life-altering health problems. Like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, joint deterioration

Learn to Move Your Body Better and schedule a free DeskFit Workshop!

Call MYBB to schedule a free* workshop for your office or workplace.  The DeskFit Workshop is made for anyone who uses computers, sits during the day, loves their Smartphone, can’t go anywhere without their iPad, or drives a car.

Our bodies were not made to live in the forward-oriented world we’ve created for ourselves. Learn exercises & stretches you can do at work or in your car. Explore proper alignment while you learn to use your favorite tech toys in a kinetically healthier way. Gain more of an understanding of your muscles and fascia and why you need to start paying attention to them—before it’s too late.
Contact Dani at trainer@moveyourbodybetter.com or 623.0463 to learn more about how to reverse and relieve your pain, gain greater mobility and enjoy a better quality of life!

Nice posture, huh?

*A minimum of 8 participants is required, and a $50 deposit is required. Deposit will be returned on day of workshop provided minimum number of participants attend. Workplace must have adequate space for presentation. Call 406.623.0463 to learn if a DeskFit Workshop will work for you.