After I’ve done the work with you, do I have to do it the rest of my life?
Sure. You don’t lift weights for two months, get your biceps in shape and then stop forever and expect to stay in shape. Learning the gentle (but challenging!) exercises and movements is only step one. Mindfully practicing your new alignment diligently is what will change your body and help improve your overall health forever. After you learn how to stay in alignment, you will not want to go back to your “old way” of doing things. Trust me.

How often do we meet?
Well, one meeting can change your life. But at that meeting, once you learn more about your body and what your habits have done for you, we can meet as often as you need, although 2 times a week should be the max, just because it can get pretty overwhelming for you as you re-learn natural human movement. Don’t worry, you’ll get daily homework.

I’m 63, and there’s no way these old bones are gonna change now!
It’s your lucky day! Actually, every day is your lucky day, because you’re alive and blood is coursing through your veins. Which means that if you’re breathing, you CAN change your movement habits and restore your movement to its natural human state.

I just found out I’m pregnant! Can I do Restorative Exercise™ while I’m pregnant?
Can you? Don’t you mean should? Because yes, you can and you should! Many of the typical pregnancy ailments are the result of our cultural habits–our restricted movement, our terrible footwear choices, sitting all day in chairs and using the modern toilet. Yeah, that’s right.

My personal trainer has me on a pretty serious routine—I don’t think he’ll like it if I tell him certain exercises aren’t on the menu for me any longer. How do I do that?
Your trainer is a paid professional that should respect any needs you may have. I wouldn’t worry about it. If he or she does give you a hard time, then please, have them call me at (406) 623-0463. I’ll explain it to them. Or, better yet, let me assess your trainer’s alignment and movement. I’ll do it for free.

Why don’t you charge as much as other personal trainers?
Because I want to help people, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to pay someone $80 an hour. My teacher believes in being generous with her knowledge, and I agree with that philosophy.

What about CrossFit? Isn’t that covering all my varied human movement requirements?
Oh, heavens no! While I want you to be able to bend and reach and squat and hang, I don’t want you to tear up your body while you’re at it. Really, does the universe care how many burpees you can do, or how many sit-ups you execute. Sheesh. That’s not real life, and it’s not real movement.

I pee when I sneeze. Tee hee!
I know. Here’s a whacked-out fact for you: 25 millions Americans wear adult diapers. 25 million. And while some people are affected with neurological diseases that can cause urinary incontinence (Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) or prostate cancer, many of those with incontinence are suffering from Pelvic Floor Disorder, which can possibly be remedied by realigning with Restorative Exercise™ and changing some movement, footwear and sitting habits. Think about it:

Can Restorative Exercise™ give me six-pack abs?
Tell me again why you want to have six-pack abs? What are those for? No, really…what are they for?
A six-pack is not functional for your human movement. In fact, it’s detrimental. What you want is a strong, functional core that moves your body the way it should move. A six-pack  is just plain dumb, so don’t kill yourself trying to achieve it.

What about my regular workout? Won’t certain exercises or movements contraindicate the work I’m doing with Move Your Body Better?
We’ll discuss your movement patterns in depth, and while I won’t make any decisions for you or tell you what to do, I’ll help you understand the best ways to move for your longevity and health.

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