“I think she taught us so many things to fix our feet…this was a perfect class!” -L.E.

“Everyone should take this class (Healthy Foot Class)” -G.F.

“I had pain, but now learning about and doing the exercises, my pain has diminished and is mostly gone. There was never a dull moment in class. You are a super teacher!” –A.H.

                                        “My favorite thing was your excellent explanations of why and how this is helping my body.” -D.M.

“I feel that this will help to improve the problems I have had for years. I hope there will be more classes!” -J.M.

Functional Old Age!

These classes help anyone willing to do the work!

                                “My favorite thing? The instructor’s enthusiasm!” -D.C.

“I know this class helped. I now know where areas are tightest and how to release them to reduce the pain–I’ve already released it by about 40%! -D.B.

                     “I can’t believe that these simple exercises and some understanding about how my feet really work have finally made my plantar fasciitis go away!” -J.R.