First off, allow me to apologize for my lack of posting regularly. There’s so much I want to share with you, and I often just make a mental note to do so, then promptly get caught up in the wonderful wackiness that is my life.


There is a new Move Your DNA Weekend coming to Boulder, Colorado! You can register HERE. Enrollment is limited to allow you the ultimate experience, so don’t wait for this one. It’ll likely be the last one of 2017 here in Colorado.


Also, I’m doing the Take Back Your Time Challenge again, and I’m sorry I’ve started it late. I’ll explain why in a minute. So, this challenge is really to help get us all off of our social media and out in the world. We did it last July, and I don’t know about you, but it totally changed my relationship with social media and I haven’t looked back. So this year’s challenge should be a snap! You can visit my blog to get some helpful tips for cutting down/cutting it out. I wish you the most wonderful time while doing it.

AND, super big news: I’ve taken a job outside of the movement world, but not out of my skills set. I’ll be the new Development & Events Coordinator for a wonderful school here in Boulder, called Watershed School. I adore the place, it means a lot to my family and I’m proud to work there now. I’ll still be teaching MYDNA Weekend Workshops, still seeing private clients when I can and still be recording the occasional podcast with Katy Bowman, but more of my time will be devoted to this school and its remarkable mission. I’m super excited. It’s sort of funny, but part of my job will be handling the social media for the school, but NOT DURING JULY! How sweet is that?! I know!

I hope many of you will be taking your own sort of social media break. It’s important to remember that real life doesn’t happen on a screen. Go out and enjoy your real life as much as you can!




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