Tech Break Prep Tips #1-7

Are you thinking about doing all, or even some, of the Take Back Your Time Challenge? Below are 7 tips and hints to help you prepare for your upcoming challenge.


Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #1: The first step to any habit change is IDENTIFICATION and QUANTIFICATION. How much time do we really spend in the mindless act of picking up our device and scrolling through? A real eye-opener is to track–in writing–what you really do during a day. Carry a sheet of paper with you, and every time you do something, jot it down. I did that last December (when I realized I was dinking around WAY too much on my phone) and then I assessed it and realized what I could be doing instead of what I was doing.


I’ll be honest–there wasn’t THAT much real work going on in the lefthand column–lots of Facebook checking, instead.

*Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #2: Getting a little heavy on Prep Tip #2, but this piece really helped me understand much of the motivation to aimlessly pace through my social media outlets and feel somewhat emotionally dependent on them.


Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #3: Apps for your phone/tablet that can help you assess time spent and wean yourself off that time-sucking habit. I’ve gathered a list of cool apps—some free, some paid—that can help you begin the process of figuring out where you stand and help you extract yourself from the virtual world.


No Phone



Time Out






Cold Turkey


Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #4: Begin the Detox NOW, using any tip that works for your personality, your brain. Here are 22 ways to start:


Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #5:

Substitute the Action

Breaking a habitual behavior involves changing that behavior, and a good way to do that is by substituting. Today, every time you reach for your phone to “check on things”, just stop. Put it back down, close your eyes and take 3-5 deep, slow breaths, then open your eyes and get a drink of water. This will begin to reset your patterns to more productive, healthier breaks in time



Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #6: Listen to this Podcast!

Listen to Episode #56 of Katy Says: Simple Steps to a Tech Break

This is EXACTLY what Katy B. and I look like when we're podcasting. Exactly.

This is what happens when you DON’T take a social media break.

Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #7:

But, Baby, it’s BUSINESS! I swear!

Are you worried that you CAN’T take a social media break without your business suffering? While I can’t speak to every type of business, I imagine that your business will survive 31 days of not spending hours on the Face.

Must. Post. Business. Posts.

Must. Post. Business. Posts.

How? Of what dark magic do I speak?

You can schedule posts for your Facebook business page to post at later dates—they must simply correspond to your time zone. I’ve included the link to teach you how, and it’s frightfully simple. The only rub—you’ve got to plan now for the month of July, but golly, won’t the break be nice? Plus, aside from popsicle sellers, how much REALLY gets done with biz in the month of July?

Another alternative? Hootsuite! You can use Hootsuite to manage multiple social media streams and it has a scheduling feature! Yes. Here’s a beginner’s guide to Hootsuite.

So, take a long, hard look at what social media will do for your biz in July, then consider the alternative: 31 days to plan out new campaigns, 31 days for new ideas to gestate, 31 days where you will have 2-3 EXTRA HOURS IN YOUR DAY to make it happen. Will browsing and checking for ‘likes’ help you more than that? Probably not, Kitten. Now go schedule yourself some damn posts for July!


Thank you for even considering this challenge–I’m so excited to begin! Look for next batch of tips in about a week.


Peace, love and movement,



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