Tech Break Prep Tips #8-12

Hey Take-Back-Your-Timers!

Following are the final prep tips to help you get ready for your most excellent vacation.

I’m so excited for all of us! And I’m very proud of you, because this is big stuff. Really.


Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #8: Make da List! Part 1

Now this is where it really begins to get fun.

Take a little time today and tomorrow, and scribble down a list of things you used to LOVE to do, but can’t seem to squeeze them in these days. For me, it’s things like fooling around on the guitar, writing on my novels, reading during the day, making jewelry, sitting around just listening to music and doing nothing else, and baking. What did you used to enjoy before the tiny glowing rectangle came into your life? Write it down and then look over it every single day from now until July 1. Remember what you felt like when you did those things.


Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #9: Make da List! Part 2

So, late last week, you started (and maybe finished!) making the list of things you used to love to do in life before social media. How did it go? Anyone else care to share?

Well, today and tomorrow, make a list of things you HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH with all the free time you are gifting yourself in July. Here’s most of my list, although it’s still in flux a bit:

  • Write & finish my non-fiction book proposal
  • Read 6 months’ worth of National Geographics that are piled in the bathroom
  • Read 50% of my saved Facebook Articles
  • Learn to juggle
  • Plan out some work blog posts
  • Add 1-2 extra walking miles into my day
  • Finish 1 of my many unfinished continuing ed. courses
  • Learn to walk from one end of the slackline to the other
  • Begin planning the kids’ homeschool year in detail
  • Watch clouds

What do you hope to do with all your new free time in July? Write me and let me know!


Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #10: Tofurkey for Your Habit

Ok, the first few days of your social media fast might be a little tricky—especially if you are in the habit of waking up with a cuppa and your newsfeed. I have a wee confession to make. I have over 1000 “saved” articles and stories in my Facebook account. You know, when you’re scrolling through your feed and something piques your interest, but you don’t think you have time or focus to read it RIGHT NOW so you save it for later? Only, when does later come? It’s much easier to wander around FB for 30 minutes than sit still and read something that MIGHT make you smarter or a better critical thinker. When were you going to read those? Personally, I’m way behind. So, this week, I am forwarding all those links in my FB Saved file to my email—and then I’ll have a bit of reading material as I wean myself off the motions during those first few mornings. It’s kind of like when I went vegetarian, I bought every meat substitute I could find. Tofurkey tastes awful—not like decent food at all—but it helped me transition to real vegetable foods once I got over that hump. If you’re concerned about how going cold turkey might hurt, the prepare now by forwarding all those brilliant articles you’ve been saving—who knows, this may be your most awesome month of 2016?!

Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #11: A Simple Way to Break a Habit

This popped into my news feed this past weekend, and man, talk about timely. I think it would behoove anyone taking on this challenge to watch this 1-3 times before July 1.

I hope you find it as useful as I have. I’m watching it every day for the last few days before I begin the challenge and the first few days of the challenge, just to remind myself what I’m doing here.


Take Back Your Time Challenge PREP TIP #12: Do a Final Walk-Through

Okay, last day before you embark on a huge adventure—these next 31 days will challenge (and change) you in many ways. Expect some uncomfortable feelings at first, and know that they are quite temporary. You’ve spent most of your life without social media, and the next 31 days are simply a languorous reminder that life is truly beautiful, and your bandwidth is bigger than you remember.

Today would be a great time to finish post-dating any FB posts you need to for your business page, reading and re-reading your lists of long-lost hobbies and hoped-for accomplishments. Let your social media community know that you need to take a break, and provide them with other means of communication, if necessary. Before you go to bed tonight, remove all social media apps from your phone, and Leechblock them from your computer, just to make things a bit easier. Lastly, take a long, deep breath and remind yourself that you are giving yourself one of the nicest, most loving gifts ever. I am proud of you for taking back your time. See you in 31 (or maybe more!) days.


Here is the public declaration that might help you put yourself out there for all your friends and family on social media:

I, ________________ do publicly and sincerely declare that I need a break from social media. I will take 31 days to remember what I loved to do before Mark Zuckerberg came into my life and compelled me to photograph every morsel I eat. Instead of spending time pacing aimlessly around my virtual social media world, I want to read, craft, move, organize, create, love, meditate, play, learn, feel, sleep and revel in the reality of life. Real life. I will miss seeing you, but I will come back better than ever. Who knows? Maybe we can get together in person? Take the challenge with me and let’s go meet for coffee and a stroll. Signed, _____________________


Here is a graphic you can copy and use on your own social media wall:



Might I suggest you take notes–whether written, spoken or even mental snapshots–of everything wonderful that you experience this month due to your newfound freedom? Don’t make it like you’re reporting to Facebook–we don’t want that. Just note for yourself how much this month and your gift to yourself means to your quality of life and your mental health. Then, after we’ve succeeded and it’s August, perhaps it will be easier to refer to those memories and notes and temper our future relationship with our devices. I love you for doing this, and I really do wish you the best summer ever.


Peace, love & metta,



PS: A laugh for you: I read this in New York back in 2009, when The Onion still had papers lying around in coffee shops, etc. This was so funny to me, as I did not yet have a smartphone. Alas, now I fall into the abyss with the others. Thought you might get a kick out of this.



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