The Take Back Your Time Challenge

Move Your Body Better presents the

Take Back Your Time Challenge

Take Back Your Time

For 31 days in July, join Move Your Body Better in a social media-free month. Rediscover healthier habits, rekindle your hobbies and reclaim the time you used to have before you got into the time-sucking social media habit.


To make or break any habit, 30 days is a good amount of time. July is a great month to take on this challenge because:

  • It’s SUMMER! Sunshine, games, lazy days, river wading—why on earth would you want to be on your device?
  • Not a lot of business is happening in July, and for many of us, business is the reason we began to utilize social media. Taking a break in July probably won’t make your business nosedive. In fact, a little social media sabbatical could rejuvenate you and your business! Sometimes, a little space gives us the ideas and inspiration we needed.
  • It’s 31 days. So, you’ve got your 30 days of habit breaking/making and whoa! What’s that? Another day to drive it home? Count me in!

You can join in the challenge by taking and publicly declaring the social media pledge:

I, _______________________, do publicly and sincerely declare that I need a break from social media. I will take 31 days to remember what I loved to do before Mark Zuckerberg came into my life and compelled me to photograph every morsel I eat. Instead of spending time pacing aimlessly around my virtual social media world, I want to read, craft, move, organize, create, love, meditate, play, learn, feel, sleep and revel in the reality of life. Real life. I will miss seeing you, but I will come back better than ever. Who knows? Maybe we can get together in person? Take the challenge with me and let’s go meet for coffee and a stroll. Signed, ___________________________________


Move Your Body Better wants to help you prepare for this challenge by providing you with tips and tricks to help you identify your time-sucking –social-media habits and work on weaning yourself off BEFORE the challenge. Visit my Facebook page or follow this blog for tips and hints.

Move Your Body Better also wants to give you prizes. What what? Yes! Every person who submits a “What I Learned/Did/Experienced During My Social Media Fast” post on MYBB’s Facebook Page AFTER the fast (see what I did there?) will receive an entry into the drawing for some nifty MYBB-type prizes.



Grand Prize: You ALL Win, Because You Reclaimed Your Precious Time

1st Prize: A one-hour SKYPE session with Dani Hemmat of Move Your Body Better

2nd Prize: Foot Care Package: a Half-dome, block, strap, ball and copy of Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief by Katy Bowman

3rd Prize: A set of MELT Method Hand & Foot Balls

4th Prize: A Copy of Alignment Matters by Katy Bowman


As a special bonus, there will be NO DOGMA ALLOWED. That means, you can participate, and if you fall off the wagon, we will all still love you and cheer you on! You can either stay right where you fell and watch the wagon roll on down the road, and submit your “what I learned” bit on August 1st, OR you can run after the wagon, jump back on and keep on keeping on. No judgment, nothin’ but love and support for your journey. Got it? So, what’s to fear? You go as long as you can, and every day you spend rediscovering your time, talents and zest for living is another day that you won, Baby.

Check out MYBB’s Facebook page for more details and how you can enter to win great prizes, and for more tips on how to fully enjoy your upcoming challenge.

PS. If the thought of checking social media in order to learn how to get off social media checking seems silly, I get it! It is! I’ll be posting a compilation of tips every 7 days on this blog, to help you keep up with the preparation for your fast without making you run to Facebook each day.


Peace out,



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