What do health and wellness mean?

  • If you’re thin, are you healthy and well?
  • If you’re loaded with muscles and have six-pack abs, are you healthy and well?
  • If you run 5 days a week, are you healthy and well?
  • If you do CrossFit, are you healthy and well?

Do any of the above symbolize health and wellness to you?



Because, if you are thin, it doesn’t mean you don’t have pelvic floor issues and that you don’t leak a little urine when you jump.



bodybuilder flexing



If you are popping with muscles, it doesn’t mean you can lift your arms over your head, or that you can hang by your arms alone.


Sportsman holding his leg. Sports injury concept.




If you run, it doesn’t mean you don’t have stress fractures, plantar fasciitis or hip pain.




Heavy Weight Deadlift



And if you do CrossFit, it doesn’t mean you’ll be free from shoulder, neck, back and knee pain.



Can you squat comfortably, hang, reach overhead, or walk on uneven surfaces? Can you keep your balance, get up and down off the floor without using your hands or walk long distances without pain?

Wellness is holistic and fitness should be functional. We are so far removed from natural human movement and limited by our modern living habits and cultural restrictions that we don’t move our beautiful human machines the way we were engineered. And when you don’t use something as it was built? It breaks down.

Are you breaking down?

That’s where Restorative Exercise™ comes in. By teaching you the ABCs of movement, Restorative Exercise™ educates you on what your body on what is SHOULD be able to do, what your body CAN do now, and what CORRECTIVES and ALIGNMENT you need to PRACTICE until the muscles function normally.  You learn correct alignment and how to stop the mechanical causes of your disease, discomfort, pain and ailments. It’s not just genetics or environment that’s bringing you down, it’s how you are using your machine. By learning optimal alignment and re-training your muscles to achieve their correct length, you can relieve, prevent and reverse foot problems, loss of bone density, joint degeneration and cardiovascular disease.

Which means you will function better. And that’s what health and wellness really means: pain-free and fully functioning. You can get there, no matter where you are now.