noun    1.the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms.
When you begin Restorative Exercise™ with Move Your Body Better, you can expect to learn A LOT about your body, and you can also expect to begin relieving some of your pain and discomfort right away. Other ailments and pains may take a while, and will all be due to your own diligence when it comes to actually doing the work.
Don’t worry. You can do it. I did, and I was a real mess!
You can also expect to make some lifestyle and habit changes, but these are all things that will make you feel soooo good, the changes will be welcome and exciting to you! Other things may take a little bit of getting used to, but again—why wouldn’t you want to do things that make your life so much better on a daily basis?!
You can expect that you will not be dependent on your trainer. In fact, it’s my goal to completely empower you to take charge of your own health and wellness. I was a physical mess and now I’m not, so I want to pay it forward and enable you to gain freedom from pain.
You totally got this. No problem.
One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time