Dani Hemmat–Restorative Exercise Specialist™, NASM-CPT, MELT Method Hand & Foot Instructor, Lifetime Fitness Certified Instructor, Healthy Foot Practitioner.

I’ve spent the better part of my 40 years terribly out-of-shape and uncomfortable in my body. Athletic as a kid, I somehow stopped moving regularly in the 7th grade and just got heavier and heavier. Whenever I’d lose weight, it was in an unhealthy way, with starvation, cigarettes and diet pills. Five years after having my second child, my belly looked 7 months pregnant. I did Pilates, crunches—nothing worked, but it all hurt my back. A chronic chiropractor junkie, I spent hours and hours every month in their offices, wondering why I was cursed with debilitating back pain. Add in constant anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers, and I was heading down the wrong path for my long-term health.

I tried a popular diastasis-healing method, which brought on a whole new host of body pain and problems. Unhappy with popular fitness solutions and determined to end my pain and feel better, I explored many wellness modalities. All paths to learning true lasting wellness led me to find Katy Bowman’s work in biomechanics and alignment, and Sue Hitzmann’s work with myofascial release self-treatments.

Katy Bowman’s work is an amazing foray into developing an actual user manual for the human body–her teachings on alignment and restorative exercise have changed my life (and the lives of countless others across the globe!). She’s smart, funny and generous with her knowledge. She is one of my heroes and if I blab too much about her, it’ll make her nervous, I’m sure. Find out more about her at Katy Says and The Restorative Exercise Institute.

Sue Hitzmann is a generous and amazing individual, as well, who has devoted her life to understanding the human body and has helped to bring an understanding of fascia to the Average Jane. To be continued…